All You Need To Know About UCLA Ph.D. Dissertation Format

The dissertation writing is an essential part of every research project. The written work should include, in particular, the question and objectives of the project, the materials and methods used, the tests carried out, the results, their assessment and the conclusions. It also contains a list of contents and literature. It is important to pay attention to the format guidelines, since it is an essential part of every dissertation. You should make sure to check that. If you need help with dissertation, you are at the right place.

The format dissertation may not exceed 15 DIN A4 pages. Title of the work, summary, table of contents, sources and the protection form are not included. In addition to the flow text, the 15 pages also include footnotes, tables, graphics and images. These should be used only to the extent that they are necessary for the understanding of the work. The font size must be at least 10 points of a standard font (eg Arial or Times New Roman) and the margins must be at least 2.5 cm to the left, to the right, to the top, and 2 cm to the bottom. The work is submitted as a PDF file and can not be larger than 5 MB. A resolution of 72 dpi is sufficient for images and graphics.

All sources used in the preparation of the project as well as all supporting companies, institutions or persons - including a brief description of the support provided in each case - must be indicated in the work. Images, which are published in the written version, are to be provided with source and name of the photographer. Prior to the publication of the pictures, the participants should obtain permission from the photographer (or the agency) who owns the image rights, as well as the person or the responsible institution. Any modification of a photograph requires prior written permission.

When the topic is found, the student contacts the supervisor of the work. In a discussion, it should be clarified whether the subject can be dealt with so and within this framework. After the topic has been clarified, submission of a conceptual plan is helpful. This procedure is optional and varies from supervisor to supervisor. A concept is, so to speak, the last step in finding a topic and the first step towards the actual written work.

There are certain formal criteria that a work must satisfy. A structured, clear and uniform layout serves not only the reader and the lecturer, but also demonstrates the required handling of information by the author. The formal criteria are also included in the evaluation. All pages must be consecutively numbered. The title page does not get a page number. Table of contents, etc. up to the last text page are provided with page numbers. A dissertation is evaluated according to different aspects. The form and formats are important, but the work is primary by the content. Above all, a clear question should be formulated and implemented. The line of argumentation should be clear throughout the work and the arguments should be adequately justified. If you feel like you need help with all of this, you can easily pay for the dissertation.