How To Format Your Dissertation Without Any Assistance

A dissertation is an indispensable part of the study program. In doing so, the production of these kinds of documents, is particularly important as a considerable part of your examination. Lecturers and assessors not only assess the content of the work, but also pay attention to the observance of formal criteria and standards. For this reason, you should be accustomed to follow the guidelines set, as there are deductions in the case your work is rejected. For your comfort, dissertations writing is not an art, but a craft that every student can learn and implement with the help of the guidelines. This work is fundamentally aimed at a specialist audience familiar with the basic subject matter as well as the concepts and expecting certain criteria to be met.

Get ready to work with predefined dissertation format, to keep the overview of formal design in longer texts and to carry out the necessary format changes. All common writing utilities (Word, OpenOffice Writer, etc.) offer this possibility. Please format the page margins as follows: Above: 2.5 cm, Bottom: 2,5 cm , Inside: 3,0 cm, Outside: 3.0 cm. The page numbering can be customized, but should be available. As font types you should choose between the sans serifs Calibri (12p.) And Arial (11p.) and the serifs Times (12p.) And Garamond (12p.). For the paragraph format, select the default block set with 1.5 lines for the flow text. The indentation is 0 cm on the left and on the right, with a special indentation of 1 cm in the first line on a new paragraph (paragraphs mark units and signaling, for example, that new aspects, arguments or thoughts are introduced; Therefore one or two sentences are not a paragraph in the normal case).

When you write your dissertation, long quotations (i.e., quotes longer than three lines) are replaced by line breaks and by move to the left of 1 cm from the flow text. Quotations must be exactly the same as the original text, so write it carefully and keep old spellings. It is also important that quotations are cited immediately.

Heading generally corresponds to the typeface of the flow text. Headlines on the first level (e.g., 1. Introduction) should not be set greater than 18 points . The following levels are adjusted according to size (2.1; 3.2.4 etc.) corresponding to the size of the header and the level between heading and flow text. New sections and chapters will be connected to the previous one in the course of the work, so please do not insert page breaks after each section / subsection or chapter. Sections / subchapters are separated from each other by a blank line, separated by two blank spaces. Footnotes are set in the same layout as the flow text, as in the standard word processing programs, but in a one-line distance and reduced by 2 points. If you need dissertation assistance, you can easily find it and save some time and effort. This option can be great if you don’t know how to write your work.